How to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity and Speed Problems

Wifi problems
We have become so accustomed to Wi-Fi these days because of our 24/7 activities on the internet, including music streaming, online movies, online games, and, most importantly, online work because we are living in a world of  different types of technology . Our daily routine gets disrupted when we are disconnected from the Wi-Fi, and there could be several reasons for the Wi-Fi disconnection, you might have come across. Today, we will discuss in detail how you can deal with Wi-Fi connectivity and speed-related problems to avoid any disruption in your daily activities.

 Slow Internet Problem

There could be two possible reasons for slow internet speed. One could be that your internet connection is slow. What you need to do is try connecting your laptop with the modem directly using the cable and check internet speed for which different sites are available online from where you can check speed. One of the best websites to check internet speed online is If speed is low, then contact your Internet Service Provider as there might be a problem at their end.

The second reason for low speed could be that the many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi device, which is causing the delay. Either try to disconnect some of the devices or try to reset your router. This might solve your problem.

Device cannot connect to Wi-Fi

You might face a problem while using Wi-Fi that your phone or sometimes your laptop automatically disconnects from the Wi-Fi and is not connecting again despite many endeavors. This can be just a momentary issue.

However, if the problem persists, try turning off the Wi-Fi on your device and enable it again, if this does not solve your problem, forget your Wi-Fi connection from your device and try connecting it again.

If any of the above solutions do not solve your problem, try to reboot your Wi-Fi router as there might be a connectivity issue with your router. You may also reset your Wi-Fi to the original settings.

In case any of the solutions do not work, then there is certainly an issue with your Wi-Fi router settings. Contact your ISP provider to get your issue resolved.

Wi-Fi connects but No Internet Access

Somehow, this issue sounds strange, but it occurs many of the times with most of the users.
First of all, try to forget Wi-Fi from your device and connect again. This may solve your problem. However, if the problem persists, you need to reset your Wi-Fi router.

Moreover, there might be a chance that the above solutions do not fix your problem. Now, you need to check whether this is the problem with your router or your internet connection is limited. Connect your device with your router using the Ethernet cable and check if the internet is working. If the internet works fine, then your Wi-Fi settings need to be changed. If the internet does not work, then you need to contact your internet service provider; there might be an issue at their end.

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