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What is a PC driver? The driver is answerable for communication and interaction between the system devices that make up the Personal Computer.

A decrease in computer performance is most often associated with a lack of disk space, the appearance of garbage in the file and operating systems. At the same time, problems related to the performance of PCs are ignored. Inadequate graphics rendering, the appearance of strange artifacts on the monitor, slowdowns and freezes in games or during video playback, inability to capture the screen – all described cases may be the result of outdated or corrupted graphics drivers. We will tell you how and with what regularity to update the Windows drivers.

It is important to understand that the newer the driver, the better for the end-user and the entire system as a whole.

Indeed, the correct operation of the connected equipment depends on the stability of the driver, since old versions may contain errors and lead to system failures. In addition, the devices themselves are constantly being updated, new models come out with new functions. New drivers are also needed to ensure that the new functions work correctly. This raises the problem of compatibility between older hardware drivers and newer operating system versions.

Do I need to update outdated drivers if the system is working fine?

It is imperative to update, this is until everything works fine for you, and then problems begin with playing the image on the computer or with sound there will be problems, why wait for this, just turn on automatic update and get the latest updates when the system deems it necessary.

Deciding whether to update your drivers regularly or not depends on what you are using your computer for.

For example, if you play modern games and use specialized programs that require large resources, then timely updating of all drivers will help you minimize various problems and glitches.

Also, keep in mind that updating your drivers may slightly improve hardware performance.

In the event that you run programs that are not resource-demanding, then the drivers, in principle, need not be updated. I think you will not see much difference in this case.

You can of course not update, but it is still recommended updating. If you do not update the video card driver, then some games (especially new ones) may work with glitches, crashes and have poor performance (the same applies to the sound card.). Fresh drivers usually improve the performance of the device, they fix various kinds of errors that were in the previous version of the driver. The motherboard driver is also recommended being updated.

If you are afraid that installing the driver may make the system not so stable (which is very rare), you can create a system restore point before installing the driver, and if something happens, roll back to this point (all changes made after creating the point will be deleted) and you will get the system which was before the restore point was created.

It is better to download drivers from the official websites of the devices, rather than using Microsoft Update.

It is not necessary to update the driver with a stable operating system, but it is simply NOT NEEDED.

Which drivers to use – Windows built-in or manufacturer’s driver?

In fact, if you have a freshly installed Windows of the latest version, and you follow scenario #1 above, then you do not need to install a separate driver for your graphics card at all. The system has regularly updated Microsoft Basic Display Adapter software, thanks to which your display will work even if the original driver from the manufacturer is not installed for some reason.

But if you are a gamer or follow scenario #2, you definitely need to install a driver from the hardware manufacturer! There is also a possibility that malware may be hiding under the name of the driver, so the latest versions of drivers should be downloaded only from the websites of device manufacturers. Only this guarantees the correct operation of the equipment and the system as a whole.

For example, on our laptop, the basic display driver from Microsoft and the video card are detected and function in a standard mode without fine-tuning capabilities. When using the driver from the manufacturer of the video card, it provides much more opportunities, since it has the ability to fine-tune and sometimes offers the ability to control temperature and use various operating modes.

If you need speed and performance, smooth video playback, higher screen resolution or support for multiple monitor outputs, it’s best to download and install the driver update and take advantage of the game acceleration and system optimization feature.

If nevertheless, the update cannot be avoided and you doubt which driver you need, then we recommend using the best free driver updater software that will independently determine which drivers need to be updated – this is ITL Driver Updater.

Why update drivers and why try ITL Driver Updater?


ITL Driver Updater checks your computer, detects outdated drivers and provides you with the tools to download and install those drivers.


Keeping your drivers up to date will help you to face less issues  By updating outdated drivers, you will have fewer problems with your computer.

Improving equipment performance

The latest OEM driver updates often contain improved and new functionality for hardware components


With updated drivers, your PC will run significantly faster. Stop wasting your precious time manually looking for available driver updates


Attempts to find drivers yourself can lead you to sites where drivers infected with malware are posted.

Meta’s description: In this article, we will explain why it is important to understand that the newer the driver, the better for the end-user and the entire system as a whole.

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