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Are you unaware of CSS, HTML, or other programming languages? If yes, there will be trouble for you to edit, upload, or delete the content available on your website. Contrary, the Content Management System allows the multidimensional approach to solving all these problems. It is a complete set of intertwined programs to control and manage your web pages or sites.

What is Content Management System?

According to Wikipedia, a software application that is used to manage and modifies the digital content of a website is known as Content Management System. The editing, archiving, creating, publishing, and distribution of any kind of data has become easy and readily available. Even you can manage the content of your website without having any knowledge of HTML. CMS has become the talk of the town to expand the web development industry because of its endless benefits and supportive features.

What are the common examples of CMS?

The 3 most commonly used CMS platforms are as follow:


Approximately more than 30% on the web uses WordPress because of its excessive ease to manage the website. Even The New Yorker, BBC America, Forbes, and The New York Times are inclined towards using CMS as a powerful tool to boost their business. It is reliable, flexible, and accessible for everyone to manage the content provided on the website.


Joomla is the second most widely used software after WordPress. You can create and manage sites and powerful web pages without paying attention to coding language.


Drupal is a little bit tricky and professional to handle because it designed by developers to be used by developers only. However, you can get the benefits of CMS through Drupal. Despite its complexity, Drupal is still preferred by many developers.

What is the difference between Premade CMS and Custom made CMS?

The custom made CMS allows the developers to update and manage the content anytime depending upon requirement while premade CMS restricts up-gradation of web content to limited times only. However, custom made CMS helps to modify your content regular basis. Hence, you share customized content with visitors to build their trust. It also opens new frontiers for marketing to drive sales. In this way, you get to know about the most suitable strategy to promote your business.

The experienced software company in Doha, Qatar designs a tailor-made website using a customized CMS approach to make it easy and convenient for users. Similarly, custom made CMS offers a high degree of safety and nullifies all the chances of hacking while premade CMS is prone to be hacked by hackers.

Why customized CMS is considered important for the growth of your business?

  1. Improves SEO ranking of your website:

You can optimize meta-description, title, and keywords with the help of CMS. This content marketing strategy improves the SEO ranking of your website. It brings leads, sales, and organic traffic by making clickable links or adding paragraph tags. It helps the targeted viewers to find your website among top pages related to their search.

  1. Saves your money:

CMS website development has dramatically reduced the cost of building and maintaining a website. You can save up to 10% via CMS than developing a website through a traditional manner. It will be helpful if you have a little budget to design a website. Moreover, you can spend this money on adding additional features to your online business.

  1. Saves your time and enhances efficiency:

CMS allows you to build websites and pages without consuming much time. No coding knowledge is required to edit or manage the already published content. CMS helps to choose the right layout, template, or font for building a website. On the other hand, if you start building a website without the assistance from CMS, probably you will many days to build a website and still it will be useless.

  1. Easy to control and access:

Multiple contributors can put joint efforts to create, edit, or approve content before publishing it on the website. CMS also overcomes the security issues linked with your website by providing access to authorized persons only via unique IDs. In this unauthorized access is restricted from your website.

  1. Enhance user experience:

CMS website development improves user experience such as navigation, readability, and accessibility. We cannot underestimate the importance of responsive web pages. CMS provides a user-friendly version to enhance the capability of your website with all devices includes PC, laptop, tablets, or mobile phones.


You can get a plethora of customization facilities and assisting features to effectively operate a website. CMS facilitates to boost your business by presenting limitless benefits. It does not matter whether you are running a small enterprise or a large multinational organization; a professional software company in Doha, Qatar

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