The idea of design sprint emerged from Google ventures, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. The main motive for developing this process was to help start-up find the right way to address any business challenge that comes their way.

Businesses face daily challenges in terms of how to create a start-up, get new clients, improve brand awareness, satisfy customers’ needs, or launch any new product or services in the market. For any of these challenges, the main question arises, how it should be done properly. To answer this, Google came up with a Design sprint that will help you make the optimum decision thereby increasing your business profit significantly. If you want to discuss some idea with your team threadbare, then design Sprint is an excellent process.

This is a 5-day process, wherein your team would collate the usage pattern of your target audience, prototype multiple ideas and then validate them. It is extremely productive in a stage-gate project wherein you can check the project flow and make necessary adjustments at each gate.

If you look at a recent report by IBM, then they conclude that if a company runs a design Sprint before taking any strategic decision, then it reduces the delivery time by nearly 75%. Furthermore, they also found out that after going through the design Sprint process the final product has fewer defects (it is down by 50%).

Benefits to run a design sprint

Finding solutions

The reason for starting the design Sprint process is creating a focused approach with your team to find different pain points and then turn them into optimal solutions.

This process allows all the stakeholders to flesh out different ideas.

It empowers them to share the risk and doubts with other members of the team about something that could affect the outcome.

Get user feedback in time

A design Sprint assists you to turn an idea to reality quickly by getting the feedback from the customers quite early in the process.

Design Sprint allows your team to design a rapid prototype and then test it with your users and get their feedback.

This process ensures a high success rate of the product as it is addressing all the pain points of your target audience and is designed as per their specifications.


One of the most important advantages of following the design Sprint process is it speeds up the process of putting an idea into motion.

Large businesses with layers of bureaucracy find it difficult to be agile and quickly change their approach when they are dealing with any complex project.

Design Sprint helps to speed up new product discovery by accelerating the decision-making time.

Reducing risk

After you brainstorm with your team members about different ideas and the optimum solution, you produce a prototype or an MVP.

This allows you to minimise the risk that you would otherwise have faced if the time and budget required for validating your idea were bigger.

The faster you can validate your idea from other stakeholders, the faster you can launch it in the market.

Furthermore, in this process, the feedback loop is also very short, which gives you time to make an improvement or change the product in case of a botch-up.

Additionally, the prototype you have designed can be shared with your developers who will understand what you want thus saving you a huge amount of time.

Better collaboration

When you thrash out ideas in an informal setting like product design Sprint, it creates a spirit of collaboration in the group of professionals with different skill sets.

In a multi-disciplinary team, people can learn from one another by exchanging ideas.

In a product design sprint, you will find creators and experts in different domains coming to the same table to share ideas about what is more important and how to achieve it in an optimum way.

This is also a great way to check the feasibility of an idea by the developers. They can tell whether the creative idea shared can be implemented.

Such brainstorming sessions are extremely useful for understanding a problem compared to doing it separately.

Building a culture of innovation

Most companies that want to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace need to rely on innovation.

To do this, they need to create the right environment and give their team members the right tools so that they discover the next big thing.

Design Sprint is a great way to improve your in-house innovation strategy and create an entrepreneurial way of thinking amongst your team members.

The design Sprint also allows the company to find out those members of the team who have leadership capability and are forward thinking.

Promoting such people in the organisation will make your business more competitive and adaptable to new changes.


At first glance, the design sprint may look quite challenging due to the time and resource you and your team put into it.

However, if you place it against reducing risks, minimising the time to market the product, innovative approach, a better team spirit, then it makes total sense to adopt it.

The amazing thing about design Sprint technique is that you can adopt these principles outside the rigid 5-day process to gain many benefits without investing a huge amount of your time.

While the design Sprint may not be the best solution for everything, it prompts you to take action and you will find that a complex or inefficient process becomes much easier to handle.


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