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Annapolis Taxi Company is an all-service local and international taxi service providing efficient and timely local and international airport transport. A fleet of sedans and coupes, corporate limousines, sedans and minivans and more await you at our Annapolis Airport Pickup Location. Annapolis Taxi Service makes every journey more comfortable with quality chauffeurs and knowledgeable drivers that are always on hand to meet your needs and make your traveling experience an enjoyable one.

We provide our customers with the best value for their dollar and this is exactly what we strive to do through the quality of our service and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our vehicles are fully equipped with state of the art technology which allows us to provide you with the best in convenience and customer service while providing you with safe, courteous, efficient and affordable airport pick up service. We also offer a complete shuttle service to and from the airport.

Pick up

We have two vehicles waiting for you to be picked up from our Annapolis Taxi Company. If you choose to use our Annapolis Airport Pick Up Location then your vehicle will be waited on by our friendly chauffeurs who will be happy to assist you in the loading and unloading of your vehicle. If you choose not to use our Annapolis Airport Pick Up Location then you can choose any other airport terminal that you feel comfortable with and that suits your personal needs. The service provided by our chauffeurs is available throughout the day and night.

Welcome New Passengers

You can even expect the chauffeur to welcome your new passengers. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, our drivers are very professional and are well trained to ensure that your trip is smooth and hassle free. We offer airport pick up and drop off service along with an airport pick up and drop off for your vehicle at the motel or apartment complex.

The majority of our customers select to use our Annapolis Taxi Service to take them to and from the airport since our vehicles are equipped with fully adjustable seats, carpeted flooring and power liftgate doors. Most of our vehicles also have GPS navigation system as well as DVD and CD player in the vehicle which provides you with excellent entertainment while making your trip comfortable.

Airport Pick and Drop

We offer airport pick up and drop off service, and to our Annapolis Airport Pick Up Location. This enables customers to arrive at the airport in comfort and safety with a car waiting just for them at the airport for airport pick up and drop off services.

We serve all of Maryland, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas and are licensed and authorized to operate by the Maryland State Department of Transportation. Annapolis Taxicab Company is the only all-service Maryland licensed and authorized airport pick up and drop off company and provides you with the lowest cost and the most flexible airport pick up and drop off services that are designed to meet your individual transportation needs. We offer airport pick up and drop off service to and from Baltimore/Washington International Airport and Fort Meade/Devens Airport.

Local Airport

We provide all of your local airport transportation service, whether you are looking for a taxi cab for your trip to the airport or if you are looking for an Annapolis Taxi Cab Service for your vehicle when you arrive at the airport. No matter what is the reason for your departure, whether you’re flying in, departing or arriving we are sure to meet your needs with great service, comfort and ease.

We offer complimentary transportation to and from any of our major airports, including Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Dulles International Airport, Annapolis Regional Airport and the Baltimore/Washington International Airport, as well as our local Annapolis Airport Pick Up and Drop Off Location. Our experienced and licensed drivers are experienced in airport pickup and drop off services and can offer you the convenience and comfort you need when you need to get from airport to airport.


We have offices located throughout the area and are always open to provide the most effective Annapolis Taxicab Service and customer service possible. Whether you are looking for a taxi cab to meet your arrival or departure needs, or whether you are looking for a rental car or want to hire a vehicle for any special occasion, we can help you.

We offer many different models and styles of taxi cabs and vehicles ranging from sedans, sports utility vehicles to luxurious sedans, two luxury sedans, and full-size SUVs, to even luxury sedans and vans for all your transportation needs. The best way to discover the many options available to meet your needs is to schedule an appointment with our experienced and licensed Annapolis Taxi Company in Annapolis and get the experience you have been searching for.


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