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Cloud Gaming has always been a topic for discussion for gamers. In recent years with certain developments, what seemed like a distant future is now slowly becoming a reality today. It started with Google introducing Stadia in 2019. The launch of this cloud gaming service generated a huge buzz within the gaming community.

Microsoft then followed suit and released Project xCloud in beta testing in November 2019. On September 15, 2020, it was made available for the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It has now been announced that Amazon is next to join these two companies. This e-commerce giant will be launching Amazon Luna in fall 2020.

The Future is Almost Here

Although with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon introducing their services, the future of cloud gaming looks bright. However, this technology is still in a bit of a beta phase. It is actually where VR headsets were not so long ago. Cloud gaming right now has many limitations and a small gaming library while the public expectations are quite big. So, it’s a lot of pressure on the companies to deliver the kind of service that can satisfy everyone.

While discussing cloud gaming, one factor that would have an impact on your experience is the internet connection. Why? Well, this is because it will allow you to play AAA titles on your PC, preventing you from investing in expensive hardware. Thus, your internet connection has to be strong, stable, and fast. So, lookout for the best internet providers in Texas or wherever you reside. Now, let’s have a look at what different cloud gaming services are currently offering.

#1. Google Stadia

When Google revealed Stadia for the first time at the Game Developers Conference, they discussed many of its features. For instance, one feature the officials stated was that if you are watching a gameplay video on YouTube then a ‘Play Now’ button would pop up. If you press it then the same game would be launched instantly on Stadia. This made people ecstatic. However, when the service was made available, this feature was not present which disappointed fans.

Over time, Google has introduced some new features to its service which improved it significantly but Stadia still receives criticisms. One reason is that it has only 50 titles. Another reason why gamers are not happy with Stadia is because they have to purchase a game to play it. This shouldn’t have been the case. It is because cloud gaming technology works on a subscription-based model where the user pays a monthly fee to play. Google is now slowly making improvements to Stadia and has announced to add more games to its list.

#2. Microsoft Project xCloud

Microsoft has a complicated relationship with VR and cloud gaming. Of course, the company supports both technologies. But they haven’t made it a priority for their next-generation gaming console Xbox Series X as compared to its rival Sony that is going all-in with PSVR. Although the company is focusing on Project xCloud, however, it is not clear to what extent.

The Microsoft Project xCloud is currently hovering at a price close to $15 per month. Please note that this cost is subject to change. The service offers approximately 150 Xbox games but here’s the issue; these titles are only available on Android devices. Another problem is that the Project xCloud is powered by Xbox One S hardware. Due to this, not only the gameplay graphics are compromised but also it takes more time to load the game than other cloud gaming services.

#3. Amazon Luna

Revealed at Amazon’s 2020 hardware event, it looks like Amazon Luna is going to have better service as compared to both Stadia and Project xCloud. Here’s how

  • The officials from Amazon have stated that more than 100 games would be provided on the Luna Plus channel including, GRID.
  • The company has joined Ubisoft and has launched a special channel. Here, gamers will have access to Ubisoft games in 4K quality.
  • It will operate on Windows servers and Nvidia GPUs in Amazon’s AWS cloud.

Amazon Luna will launch in October 2020. So, if you are thinking about trying this service then start searching for best cox internet packages. It will be a wise move to do running it will require a solid internet connection.


Presently, it is a bit difficult to predict the future of cloud gaming technology. This is because the companies involved build a lot of hype around the features but falls short when the time comes to deliver. It is possible that Google continues to better Stadia, and Amazon might prove to be a great competitor. But one thing is for certain, cloud gaming technology has not yet progressed so much. Note the keyword here is ‘yet’. So, let’s all hope for a bright future.

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