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Using hashtags on Instagram may not seem like a big deal, but the proper usage of Instagram hashtags leads to the growth of your audience. If you have great posts and high-quality content, but your audience isn’t growing, then you are probably not using your hashtags properly.

There is a lot that comes with using hashtags, and without a decent understanding of how they work, your efforts with hashtags will be wasted. We’ll show you how to grow your audience by using hashtags. We’ll break it down and show you the nitty-gritty of it.

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Why you should take Instagram hashtags seriously

90% of the Instagram accounts follow at least a business account; this makes Instagram a marketing gold mine. Any business or brand without an Instagram account is missing out on all the action by refusing to take advantage of this great marketing tool. You may wonder what this has to do with hashtags, and it has everything to do with hashtags.

A brand offering a service wants patronage, but how do people patronize them if they don’t know about the products or the service provider? That’s where hashtags come in. Adding hashtags to your Instagram posts puts your product in the face of those seeking that service or product. It is as simple as that; if you want more customers, use hashtags.

Instagram hashtags increase your engagements, which translates to more value for your brand and more followers. Potential fans will find your posts and account via hashtags. Still not convinced? 83% of users find new businesses and services on Instagram. If you want your account or product to be discovered, you need to post with hashtags.

Rules to using hashtags

So you want to use hashtags to grow your audience, there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • Use hashtags sparingly. Do not overdo it. You may think because the more hashtags you have, the more engagement, but it is the other way around. If you use a lot of hashtags, you won’t get the desired engagement, so use the right amount of hashtags.
  • Use service or product hashtags. These types of hashtags let your audience know the kind of services you offer. You can discover service hashtags by checking out similar brands or use a hashtag generator.
  • Build a community by using location-based hashtags. Location-based hashtags make those in your locale see and engage with your account.
  • Build your brand by creating your branded hashtags, and this makes it easy for people to associate a post with you easily.
  • Use only relevant hashtags, never spam. If your posts appear to be spam, it will negatively impact your engagements as people will tend to avoid your future posts. Try to keep your posts free of unnecessary hashtags.
  • Add hashtags to your comments as soon as you post, and this will help increase engagements. Delaying to put hashtags in the comments will cause them to show lower in the hashtag search list.
  • Use popular hashtags, but do not use them too much. Relying on popular hashtags may be counterproductive because a large number of posts use them, and your posts may be pushed down very quickly.
  • Keep an eye out for trends and competitors and tailor your posts to the relevant developments. When using trending hashtags, it’s better to use hashtags related to your niche than to use general trending hashtags.

Tips for growing your Instagram audience

You may follow all the rules, but without good content or high-quality products or service, you won’t see any high rates of audience engagement on your account. Post consistently and have a schedule for posting.

Take note of the hashtags you use and their performance. If a particular hashtag doesn’t perform well enough, you should stop using it and focus on the hashtags that drive more engagements for you.

Interact with accounts that use the hashtags you use on your posts. Like and comment on their posts.


It’s important to note that engagement leads to audience growth, so if you want to grow your audience, go for hashtags that have the highest rates of engagement. Always use the relevant hashtags, and don’t spam.

Remember, a lot of hashtags don’t translate to more engagement, rather focus your efforts on providing great content and offer high-quality services.

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