It is advisable to clean the windows with some frequency, especially on humid and not hot days, or early in summer, so that the liquid that is applied can act well

Cleaning windows is an activity that often requires painstaking work, especially when it comes to removing dirt from the outside of the blinds or removing stains or lint from the glass. This article provides guidelines to make window cleaning easier, and explains the various options for cleaning fluids and tools, as well as methods for removing dirt from window frames and blinds.

The size of the windows is a valuable element in homes: the larger they are, the greater the amount of natural light they receive inside. This favors the decoration of the spaces and the good mood of the people who live in the house. The negative part is cleaning, a task that is quite cumbersome , not only due to the dimensions of the windows, but also to certain difficulties, such as stains on the windows or the inconvenience of cleaning the outside of the blinds. But these questions can be a bit simpler, if you follow certain tips such as those explained below.

Tools for cleaning windows

There are several ways and tools to clean glass. The most appropriate instruments to do this are brushes and dryers similar to those used by professional glaziers, and which can be purchased in the market for not much money.

If not, it can also be cleaned with cloth or paper , although in this way it is more than likely that stains or lint will remain on the glass. If paper is used, it is better to avoid kitchen paper (or similar) and use newspaper or coffee filter paper , whose texture and consistency make it clean better and leave fewer traces on the surface.

Glass cleaning fluids

Regarding the liquid with which to clean, you can use existing glass cleaners on the market, or create a mixture that allows you to obtain similar results . There are several different formulas for this homemade product. The strongest is prepared with 2 liters of water, a cup of 70% isopropyl alcohol, a quarter cup of ammonia (that is, about 60 milliliters) and a splash of dish soap.

Other options include natural products to create the mixture: it can be made with a liter of water and six tablespoons of vinegar and a splash of dish soap, and you can add the juice of a lemon. Also the cornstarch, dissolved in the resulting liquid, provides cleaning properties. In all cases, it is recommended that the water is warm (not hot).

Guidelines to make Window Cleaning in Coventry

The liquid should be applied along the entire surface of the glass and let it act for a few minutes, so that the dirt that is stuck is loosened. Then it should be clarified, always starting at the top.

If you use the dryer from the glazing kit, you must dry the rubber band (the part that comes into contact with the glass surface) after each pass. If, instead, a cloth is used, it should be wrung out each time.

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If paper is used, its own condition and the results it leaves will indicate when to dispose of it and use another. When using newsprint, the ink will stain hands heavily when cleaning is done, but the glass will look good. And when washing your hands, the ink wipes off quite easily.

An important fact: contrary to what it may seem, the moments of full sun or in which a dry and pleasant wind blows are the worst to clean the window. Why? Because these conditions cause the liquid to dry very quickly and do not properly loosen the adhered dirt. Therefore, it is convenient to clean on humid and not so hot days and, in summer, early in the morning.

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