According to a report presented by, 71% of cases of damaged mobile are due to cracked displays only. And, another survey from Flipkart presented that every 4 customers out of 10 end up with a broken screen. Out of this, about 19% of them continue using their smartphone with a damaged screen only until they get a new mobile phone.

The most apparent reason why smartphone users continue using the same device is because of the substantial amount required to have their mobile screen repaired. Subsequently, getting the display repaired for their Samsung can be a bit towards the higher end. This may affect their financial ability significantly.

Consequently, individuals opt to buy Samsung mobile insurance plans to gain financial coverage should they come across a similar situation. They won’t have to worry about the extra financial burden caused by the breaking of their mobile screen as they can raise a claim and receive the compensation.

However, it becomes essential for them to know that the policy issuer provides coverage in which cases. This helps them decide if acquiring this Samsung phone insurance plan is feasible or not.

What is covered under Samsung mobile insurance online?

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown

With Samsung mobile insurance in India, individuals can get financial coverage if their smartphone’s screen undergoes a mechanical or electrical breakdown. However, the policyholder should be using the mobile phone when it occurs.

  • Accidental damage

The majority of cracker displays are caused by accidental damages. And hence, Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Mobile Screen Insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv can be a beneficial option for them. They can acquire financial protection against such accidental damages caused to the display while their phone has been on their possession.

  • Fire and special perils

Damage caused to one’s mobile screen because of fire perils, lightning, implosion, and explosion is also covered for financial assistance with a Samsung mobile protection plan. Besides, special perils like riots, strikes or natural disasters like flood, cyclone, earthquake, etc. are also situations for which coverage is offered.

  • Screen damage due to robbery or burglary

In any incidents of robbery and burglary at the insured premises of the policyholder, if the insured smartphone screen undergoes any damage, then compensation is also provided. However, one may have to provide proof such as an FIR copy of the burglary or robbery while raising a claim request for the Samsung screen protection plan.

With such an insurance plan in place, individuals can make sure they are ready to cope up the financial loss that may occur because of mobile display damage. It should also be noted that these aren’t the only kinds of insurance policies that financial institutions offer. One can also buy a mobile charge insurance plan and make sure he/she has the financial assistance to replace the mobile charger if broken or damaged.

Important things to know before buying a policy

  • Customers should know about the maximum sum assured for the Samsung mobile insurance policy before they pay for the annual premium.
  • They can also look for the convenience in payment option as several financial institutions offer multiple payment methods.
  • Ease in the claim of screen insurance Samsung is another pointer to consider. Some financial companies allow individuals to raise a claim easily by calling a toll-free number or by sending an email.

Further, apart from the Samsung mobile insurance plan, one can also buy a small gadgets insurance plan to have financial coverage for the damage caused to small gadgets like smart speakers, etc.

Subsequently, individuals will be able to make better decisions regarding the insurance plan with the above pointers into consideration. Out of these, they must carefully look for the coverage limit and then buy a policy.


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