A guide to understanding Inbound marketing and giving a new direction to your marketing approach through the experiences of an advertising agency in Dubai.

Discover the fundamentals of an innovative approach that allows you to:

  • Gainnotoriety
  • Generatemore leads
  • Better qualify your prospects
  • Aim for performance with:
  • The 3 stages of the buyer
  • The buyer persona
  • Digital content

Landing pages

As an advertising agency in Dubai calls “landing pages” in the jargon, these pages are essential in an inbound strategy. Their role is to make your visitor or reader want to go further in their thinking. Via these pages, you can offer different types of content, such as a white paper or a registration for a webinar and other events. It’s time to pull out your beautiful pen and choose the right words to make you want to access your content.

Any SEO agency Dubai recommends that these pages are also very useful for your SEO and are worth SEO optimized. Note that the integration of a video on these pages would increase by 50% your chances of appearing in one era of the SERP page. So think of the CTA as an assist, the landing page as an opportunity to score, and the form in it as a goal.

By the way, let’s talk about this form! It is he who will allow you to collect the information you want to know from your visitors. Digital marketing agency recommends you to choose carefully the questions you ask yourself about them; a form that is too long can quickly tire.

Nurturing of a Social Media Agency

Or the fact of “feeding” in English will help you to keep in touch with the people who submitted forms on your landing pages or to re-engage them. We talk about “gaining your leads in maturity”. Thanks to the information gathered from Scarlet Media Mena, Social media agency Dubai, you are able to imagine a path of interesting content for your contacts stuck in a stage of the conversion funnel. Save them by offering them content tailored to their profile and help them make up their minds. This illustration will help you select the right content for the right time:

Some social media software allows you to automate nurturing by setting up rules on your leads. For example, if one of your contacts has submitted a form to access content from the 1st stage (awareness), it will not be mature enough to go to the purchase. You just have to make him react to social media content corresponding to the consideration stage, then offer him free trials or an appointment to finish convincing him.

Istanbuladvertising agencies recommend that you use these techniques in moderation. Uncontrolled, marketing automation can quickly become poisonous because of the large number of requests sent to your contacts. On the one hand, if you flood their inbox, they will end up unsubscribing and on the other hand, if you send mass emails, you emit CO2.

Distribution channels

Once your content is organized, you will have to distribute it! Sure, you have your website to publish them, but unless you have a very high profile, that won’t be enough. Above all, this support allows you to host your resources, such as blog articles or downloadable white papers, and be referenced thereon.

If you are looking to promote your site, natural referencing is not the only way, especially since it takes a long time to set up. You just have to go where your targets are: on our friends’ social networks! Defining your personas will have allowed you to know which platforms they use. Scarlet Media MENA, leading digital marketing agency, says it’s the perfect place to showcase your creations before bringing people back to your site.

Performance monitoring

When embarking on an inbound strategy, keep in mind that nothing is taken for granted. Even if you’ve spent some time organizing everything and everything looks perfect, there is nothing better than statistics to verify it.

Create campaigns for each goal you want to achieve and gather content related to the goal (white paper, emails, and articles, landing pages). Choose a recognizable nomenclature to find information in Google Analytics and you can follow the performance of your campaigns in real time.

If you are not comfortable with Analytics, there are also software programs like Plezi and Sendinblue, which allow you to create campaigns and track statistics via dashboards. Here are some important performance metrics to track (and their average rate)with any reputed social media agency Turkey:

  • Click rate on CTAs (between 4 and 6%)
  • Landing page conversion rate (20% minimum)
  • Click-through rate on emails (around 5%)
  • Email open rate (around 18%)


For setting up conversion tools you can contact an advertising agency Istanbul or you can simply contact mail (at) for further info.

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