Technology has been flourishing at a scale that cannot be measured. The growth of technology has led to a rise in companies and their products. To keep everything in track, the number of tech bloggers are also increasing day by day. Let’s consider the Indian tech blogging scenario. The best tech blogs in India prefer to diversify their niches and systematically provide information. Just to imagine the future with tech, many fictional writers are writing about their vision through their stories. The fans of those stories will go on theorizing about the story and technology in fan pages. While an innovator looking for inspiration makes the fictional technology real. There are numerous examples of the invention of a technology based on fictional stories. For example, self-driving cars, cell phones, video calls, Bluetooth devices, etc. There may be a technology coming up in the future inspired by science fiction.


Probably we may find the technology like that of shown in Westworld, Iron Man armor, etc. But science fiction has played, is playing and will play an important part in technology advancement. With the arrival of every new technology, there will be a scope to better that technology by updating it or by creating a new one itself by keeping the arrived technology as the basis for invention. The technology advancements are making the life of people simpler and thereby increasing the amount of knowledge. The human tendency to look for a simpler way of living will keep on increasing the number of researches that goes on in the technology field.


Just look at the current scenario. The world is completely shackled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has brought immense complications in the lives of all of us. But with that, the necessity to invent required things to make lives simple is driving the technology field ahead. This just proves the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of inventions!” Even in the coming future, a lot of challenges will emerge out of the blue to make the lives of humans complicated. Even the necessity and curiosity will merge to invent new technologies to bail out humans from complications and reverts live back to simple.


A few years ago, we were thrilled to have a wireless telephone, now we have smartphones which brings the entire world to our fingertips. The advancements in technology are growing rapidly. Now we are staring at the self-driving cars. In the future, we may see self-driving planes. The amount of information that is available to us at the fingertips is enough nowadays to make a thinker think more smartly and innovate something extraordinary. The peak of tech blogs India will grow on for the coming years. To imagine what will the world of technology will look like, we just need to look at the history of technology and then compare the past with the present. By this comparison, it will be easy for us to imagine the future. That kind of immense technological advancements might scare some people living in the present era.


The technological advancements have both pros and cons. If one team argues about the simplicity of life because of technology, the other team will warn the world about the apocalypse the robots will cause. If one team says that connecting people virtually is broadening the understanding among people, the other team will blame all the social media world for destroying the physical connection among people. These kinds of debates existed in the past and few opposed the idea of supercomputers fearing that the human jobs will be replaced. The debates now in the present world are for a variety of reasons and are for a variety of technologies.


In the coming future, it will be tough to keep track of all the debates and advancements. But one thing has been the same that is storing information. The way people used to record and store information might have changed over the years but the eagerness to record and store information has not changed. To keep track of all the future advancements in every field, self-appointed web historians will come forward. We can call them as bloggers. The people who take up the job of keeping track of technological advancements can be called as tech bloggers.


The top tech blogs in India usually prefer to give information about tips and tricks. All the technology blogs India put together becomes an encyclopedia for technology. All in all, technology will advance furthermore without any stoppage in the coming years. Few things which may sound like alien techs will become the normal techs in the future. The technology will keep the people connected in a way people want to be connected to the world!

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