The potential of YouTube and SEO is really high, and SMEs can use it to communicate and make themselves known. How to get more views? With the right topics and titles. Here’s how to do it

From a fun pastime, YouTube quickly became an important marketing tool.

Knowing its “secrets” means knowing how to exploit its potential, to make itself known and to acquire new customers. To do this, however, you need to know YouTube and SEO NYC services , and therefore how keywords on YouTube work.

SEO YouTube, what it is and how it works

SEO YouTube is the set of techniques and optimizations capable of improving the visibility of videos on what – after Google – is the second most used search engine in the world. It is much more than a social media, therefore: when you publish a video, you have to think in terms of keywords. Just as if you were optimizing your website. In fact, keywords make the difference between two substantially identical videos, but with a huge difference in terms of views.

To explain how its search algorithm works is YouTube itself: “Videos are classified according to a series of elements, including the level of correspondence of the title, description and content with the user’s query . Additionally, we evaluate which videos generated the most engagement for a particular query. Search results aren’t a list of the most viewed videos for a particular query. ” YouTube’s aim is to keep users on the platform as long as possible . That’s why it attaches such importance to engagement. I like, shares, comments, CTR, viewing time, audience retention: these are all elements that YouTube considers to make a video “rise in the ranking”.

When we talk about YouTube optimization we are basically talking about keywords : it is not enough to publish a good video, but it is necessary that that video is described correctly. However, there is no official keyword research tool: you can use YouTube Suggest (write a starting keyword in the search bar, and display a list of phrases that contain that keyword), or rely on other tools.

How to choose keywords for a video on YouTube

To optimize a video on YouTube, you can first use Google Trends : a free tool for keywords research, it allows you to find interesting ideas for the topic you want to talk about. Alternatively, there is the Vidiq extension which, designed specifically for YouTube, allows you to understand why certain videos have gone viral, analyzing their engagement and discovering not only the search volume of the keywords on the platform, but also the most used tags and titles and the most impactful descriptions. Finally, Ahrefs Youtube Keyword Tool : for a fee, it allows you to search in 171 languages ​​obtaining the volumes of the identified keyword.

Starting from the keywords, here you can fill in all the fields of the video effectively: the title (which must contain the main keyword), the description (which must make it clear the exceptional nature of the content, and immediately attract the user) and tags (key elements, which allow the user to find your video). In this way, your content will have many more possibilities to be displayed.

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