SAP Business One Technical versus Functional Consulting

If you have experience using small business accounting package something like QuickBooks or Peachtree can even say that all you needed was the user guide and the system installation was powered by the wizard where you simply click the next buttons. Well, as we move into the realm of medium-sized enterprise ERP packages, then we have to deal with potential problems like customizations, EDI or e-commerce integrations, security, and user-limited licenses. These features cross functional consultation boundaries and require expertise in technology and programming:

1. Projects for the adaptation or programming of Software Development Kits. Custom fields and tables can be added directly in the configuration, and there’s no need to program for such things. But in order to animate custom objects, you often have to appeal to the schedule. We recommend that you consider encoding in Microsoft Visual Studio C or with reference to the SDK, where you can find object descriptions as well as code samples in these programming languages. The modern programming rule is to follow the code sample and combine multiple snippets into a single device

2. Data convert conversions. Here you need a technical consultant again. Consider opportunities to pump older accounting documents. The first method is to connect directly to the older database via ODBC, for example, by using the <a0></a0> menu. If you plan to connect directly, you must be familiar with older application table names and roles. The second method is less technical: Print older financial reports in text files and clean up rows there. Data cleaning is possible in Excel or as recommended for large data sets: Import text files into a custom SQL table through the SSIS Data Import Wizard, and delete page numbers, report header, and blank rows in custom SQL views

3. Crystal Reports. Simple reports can be performed through the CR Design Wizard. However, in SAP B1 you have Query directly in the user interface, which is why we expect it to be attractive to CR when you have challenging reporting requirements. We often see requests to retrieve the customer’s failed inventory, bill of lading, project profitability report, and others. There is no secret in the design of the management report. One of the first rules is to design and test the report query outside the reporting tool. If the database is MS SQL Server, consider creating an SQL-stored procedure or view and test the result set directly in SQL Server Management Studio

4. Technical project management. These things may seem obvious, but we’ve seen several scenarios when neglecting these rules leads to a project error. First, make sure that you create a test company that is loaded with production company data. Get developers to work with this test environment alone, as it can be difficult to recover data. The second recommendation is for developers to work on the test server, where the Microsoft Visual Studio project is ready for troubleshooting and code tracking. Customization functionality is often data-based and quality assurance is difficult in the database where transactions do not reflect the current situation

5. Profile of the technical consulting firm. This organization must be larger where it could afford to nurture college graduates like young programmers and technology gurus. The offer of such a company must cross the local boundaries of the business metro and address the national audience or even help multinational companies with the automation of their facilities abroad. The national consultancy often has to run the so-called software development factory or a strong software and product development department. The best way to find these signatures is Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines


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