Do you recall searching for terms like “doctors near me” or “lawyers in Bangalore” on Google? Local search engine optimization encompasses all those search terms to give a more relevant result. Both SEO and local SEO influence a website’s or web page’s visibility in search engine results. But, SEO works with a broader focus, while local SEO services help in increasing the digital profile of business around the geographical area of where it is located.

Why Is Local Search Important?

Studies state that:

  • 50% of those who did a local search appeared at a store that very day,
  • 18% of local mobile phone searches gave rise to an offline sale in one day
  • 71% of people search for the local business online before paying their first-time visit.

Local search benefits doctors, lawyers, plumbers and restaurants the most, which is why most of them are investing in SEO companies in India. One of the biggest pros of using local SEO is that it provides a call-to-action button saying “call us” dominantly in the local search results of a page. If done efficiently, it will push your business to the top of the search results.

When searching for a doctor, people always look for a doctor near them as they don’t want to travel for several hours for a consultation. Using the “doctors near me” search is of great use when in an emergency. Moreover, you will be provided with directions by clicking beside it as well.

Similarly, when you are in need of a plumber, there are higher chances of searching online for a plumbing service close to you than visiting a store. Local SEO connects you with ones nearby and mentions reviews and allows you to choose the one you find best. Restaurants receive the most profit from local SEO in the shortest time by informing potential customers about the best food in town.

Is Local SEO Beneficial to Everyone? 

Ecommerce shops and local authors are not likely to benefit much from SEO as they don’t share their local information.

Factors for Local SEO

There are several factors involved in conducting successful Local SEO. The starting point for any firm is ensuring that they have claimed their Google My Business profile. Google is undeniably the most widely used search engine and having a Google My Business profile leads to Google listing a business on top of the search result. The name, address and phone number are crucial and must be accurate, according to MRC SEO Consulting. All online directories must have these three important details about them. It is advised to display all three in all of their online locations prominently. You could also have an active presence on websites such as Facebook and Twitter and collect positive reviews to make better use of local SEO.

Top Local SEO Ranking Signals 

It would be better if you covered all the fundamental aspects of your foundation to rank well for local SEO. These include claiming your Google My Business page, which only takes a few minutes. It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to stay on top. It is crucial to optimize your Google My Business page as per your business. For example, don’t use “takeaway restaurant” if most of your customers tend to dine in. If possible, add a few photos of your location, products and staff – this can increase your credibility. Reviews are important part of your local SEO strateg. Reviews can either make it or break it for you. Either way, make sure to reply to both positive and negative ones. By responding to both positive & negative reviews, shows how dedicated you are towards your customers. Reviews also helps in improving your search rankings in search result pages.

Local SEO is undoubtedly very competitive, but do not lose hope. Create a Google My Business page and more importantly, optimize it regularly with reviews, photos etc. Focus on a holistic local SEO strategy for your business – have a good link profile, create great content with local keywords and optimize your meta description. These tips will increase your local SEO ranking, thereby improving your chances of getting added to the Google Local Pack, helping customers find you.

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