Lead generation is the crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. First, you have to create an interest in your service or product. Then, some people will notice you and they will love to know more about it. That’s your lead – a person who has shown an interest in whatever you’re doing.

You should make use of that moment when somebody pays attention to you to win their contact details and pass them to your sales team, hoping that your lead will become a customer. When that happens, you will have met your goal.

One way to generate leads is via chat systems. Researchers have found that website visitors who have had a chat with a live chat operator are 82 percent more likely to become customers, and a live chat system scored 92 percent on the customer satisfaction scale.

There are two types of lead generation channels: inbound and outbound. The outbound method is the one where you approach first, and make the first move.

In this article, we will talk about the inbound lead generation method, different chatbot lead generation hacks, and also about the killing combination of knowledge management software and chatbots that generate 2x more leads.

Inbound Lead Generation

Everybody knows that your website content should inform, educate, and entertain your potential customers, but do you know that it might be the key to acquiring new leads? 

First, you should create great content and optimize it, so that people can easily find it, and pay attention to what you have to say. Then, you have to persuade them to take action, which will result in them leaving you their contact information.

You have the option to leave them the contact form or email, where they can sign up for the newsletter or order a call, but if you are aware that you can generate 2x more leads using chatbots, you shouldn’t miss the chance to communicate with your potential customers that way.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic real conversations with your potential customers.

The main reason for using chatbots is to save time on answering the same questions over and over, and to provide customer support 24/7, even when their representatives are busy or off work.

However, there are many other valuable opportunities that chatbots can provide for you.

The chatbot helps you qualify leads, book calls, and provide answers to common questions that your customers are asking.

How Can Chatbots Help You Double Lead Generation?

1.Listen to the Customer’s Voice

If you want to sell something to someone, you should be well aware of your potential customers’ needs and desires. 

The chatbot can conduct surveys and ask questions about their preferences so that you can gather valuable information about your products and services. 

2.Build Relationships

Once you get to know your potential customers, you should make an effort to develop a trustworthy relationship with them.

You want people to think of your fantastic service every time your company is mentioned.

Chatbots can help you with that by acting as something the customers can rely on, providing them instant support and solutions to their problems.

Hubspot’s example shows how a friendly tone improves any kind of conversation, even the one with a chatbot.

3.Categorize Your Audience

A chatbot can also analyze your audience based on the information your customers have provided, such as their location, what age group they belong to, their interests, etc.

This way, you can create various campaigns and send more personalized content to each lead.

4.Engage People When They Are Ready to Leave

Many people start filling out a content form or they add items to a shopping cart, and then suddenly decide to leave your website.

Wouldn’t you like to know why that happened? Maybe they didn’t understand something or needed just a bit of persuasion to go on with their order.

The chatbot, like popup, comes in handy in those situations. If you don’t end up with a new lead, at least you’ll have some valuable feedback.

5.Reward the Returning Customer

A chatbot can recognize when someone comes back to your website. You can use that to offer the returning customer a special discount.

Rarely will anyone turn down an opportunity to get something they want at a lower price.

To get a discount, a person has to leave their contact information, and that is one great way to generate new leads.

6.Be Active on Social Media

Nowadays, if you aren’t on social media, it seems like you don’t exist. Researches have shown that people use Facebook and other networks as their primary information source.

A chatbot on your Facebook page can improve the overall experience someone has with your company. 

It can send people personalized offers or discount coupons, meanwhile collecting the customer’s information, such as their email address. 

7.Use Chatbots When the Sales Representative is Absent

You can do sales even if there’s no salesperson present. If there is nobody around to reply, a chatbot can inform potential leads that someone will contact them shortly.

In order for your agent to do that, a person should leave their contact information. And voila, you generated a lead. 

8.Generate Leads When They’re Done Reading

When someone finishes reading the excellent article you provided and feels great about it, the chatbot can use that moment to gather the necessary info.

This is the perfect time to ask people to subscribe to your newsletter and never miss a single piece of your great work.

Also, if the article was about a certain product or a service, a chatbot can call the customers to action, and even turn your lead into a customer right away!

Knowledge Base & Chatbots – the Best Combo for Lead Generation

Chatbots and knowledge base are the perfect combination because, without a knowledge base, your chatbot would be just an app, and not an intelligent one.

Chatbots are designed to recognize the general intent of your lead’s question.

Intelligent chatbots built on a strong knowledge base can identify patterns and respond appropriately.

A well-designed knowledge base makes your chatbots more effective by providing unified messages across all your channels.

The knowledge base software is the brain of your chatbot. 

It is a collection of information about your company that is maintained by you and deployed by your chatbot when it’s requested.

Responses don’t have to be a text reply, they can also be a link to additional information, such as some of your blog posts.

In this Drift chatbot example, you can see how some potentially relevant articles are immediately shown in a chat. 

That way leads can find answers without talking to customer support agents.

Some companies also like to use videos or testimonials, as their chatbot responses.

One of the greatest advantages of using a chatbot is that the questions that you couldn’t predict someone would pose are stored and flagged as unanswered.

This way you will always be able to update your self-service knowledge base and consequently generate 2x more leads with chatbots.

There Is No Need for Long Talks

Marketers are usually wrong because they think it takes a lot of effort and talking to convince someone to purchase their products and services. Many do not even consider a tool like a chatbot, because they believe that rarely will anyone leave their contact info, just like that.

However, when someone has already shown interest, it often takes very little. People only need an initial push, a quick response, a kind word, or, best of all, a discount for loyalty, and they will be happy to leave their details.

The reason for that is that the whole experience and their connection with the brand create the feeling that they want to connect with you even further.

The Bottom Line

It is possible to generate 2x more leads with chatbots if you just think of it as a tool that should ease the communication with your potential customers, and build a stronger relationship with them.

Chatbots are there mainly to imitate real conversations, so be persuasive, but also tactical. 

That means that your chatbot should know all the responses to the commonly asked questions. 

The good thing is that there are companies that help your team create, collaborate, and publish a self-service knowledge base for your software with ease, and you can integrate it with your chatbots. 

This enables you to create high-quality chatbots that provide answers to almost all the questions that your potential customers might have.

And on top of that, they also collect valuable feedback for your knowledge base software.

By taking a look at search analytics, such as user engagement and other key metrics, you’ll know exactly what your leads are looking for.

That way you can regularly update your knowledge base with missing information.

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