How to Clear the System and Browser Caches on a Mac

Electronic devices have the tendency to get slower over time due to the continuous usage and building up of the caches.

What is cache?

Cache consists of the data that applications used in order to speed up the application. These files are stored up in the temporary location that will fill up after a certain amount of usage of the device. Cluttering of the device with cache will lead to slowing of the device.

Here we will talk about how you can clear the system cache and get your system back in good health.

Cache can be a serious problem on the Mac also caches can slow down the Mac. According to Apple cached data Mac will speed up the download speed of the Apple Software and speed up other applications also. Caches on Mac will also help users to access data stored on then iCloud. Data stored on the cloud will get accessed easily with the cached data.

Why should you clear cache on Mac?

All the cache that is stored on the Mac needs to be cleared from time to time so make your Mac more efficient. Clearing cache will also help you to prevent identity theft and make your Mac more secure.

Caches will remain on the system even if its usage is over, remaining cache will pile up and clutter up the Mac.

There are three different types of Caches on your Mac.

What was initially useful becomes a drag, slowing down your Mac through all the wasted space it is taking up. To make it even worse, undeleted cache data also leads to task conflicts and other system issues.

Here are the three main categories of cache data:

Browser cache

System cache

App (or User) cache

How can you clear cache on Mac?

Here we will show you how you can
clear the cache of your Mac manually and use the software.

Now, if you’re ready to finally get down to business, we’re going to walk you through both the manual and the automatic solutions to clear your cache.

Cleaning app cache and system cache on Mac.

When we clear the cache, we will see how much space on our precious Mac is cleared. Most space is occupied by the app/user cache whereas system cache does not take much space. However, we will show you how you can clear both caches.

How to delete system cache and unwanted app data manually

To delete system and app cache manually, follow these steps:

Open Finder and select Go to Folder

Now type in ~/Library/Caches and click on Go

Now delete the files and Keep the folders, but go into each one and delete the files inside

After deleting the caches there are other junk folders that you can delete in order to recover space. You just have to follow the steps below for deleting the other folder.

Open Finder and select Go to Folder

Now type in /Library/Caches and click on Go (remove ~)

After deleting the files and folder from this location empty the trash folder.

How to clear Internet cache on Mac

After cleaning the Mac cache, you have to clean the browser cache also. Cleaning browser cache will help your Mac to run faster and it will also remove your browser history and make it more secure. There are three main browsers that a Mac user uses and that are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. All the three browsers have different methods of cleaning browser cache.

How to empty cache in safari manually

Safari is developed by Apple and it is the native browser for the Mac. However, you can clean Safari browsers easily. You just have to go to History a and then click on the Clean History button.

To empty cache on Safari with manual methods:

Open Safari and go to Preferences

Click on the advanced tab

Now enable Show Develop menu

Now from the Menu bar go to the Develop section

Now click on Empty Caches

How to clear browser cache in Chrome

You have to follow the steps below to clear the cache on Chrome:

Open the Google Chrome and click on settings icon in the top right corner of browser

Now click on Settings

Now click on History and click on Clear browsing data

To delete all the cache, select all the Cached images and files

Also, you can select the time from which you have to delete the duplicates.

Now click on Clear browsing data

How to delete cache in Firefox

Clearing the cache on the Firefox is easy as the other two browsers. You just have to follow the steps below:

Go to the History of Firefox and go to Clear All History

From the time range menu select from beginning

Now select Cache

Now Click on Clear Now

That’s it your caches are deleted, if you think this manual method is tedious then you can use this top Mac optimization software i.e. Smart Mac Care and TuneupMyMac.

Use the software to clean the Mac:

Smart Mac Care and TuneupMyMac are the two best Mac cleaning software that will help you to optimize your Mac in no time.

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the top Mac cleaning software that you can find on the internet. Its simple user interface helps Mac users clean the junk from the Mac easily.

Smart Mac Care has different features like Junk Scan, Malware Scan, Privacy Scan, etc. Smart Mac Care also helps you to remove duplicates files on your Mac. You can also optimize the memory of your Mac using Smart Mac Care.

In general, Smart Mac Care is one of top system cleaners that will help you to optimize Mac.

Reasons to use Smart Mac Care:

  • Retrieve huge chunks of storage space.
  • Deletes privacy traces for increased security.
  • Improved boot time by removing startup apps.
  • Protects from malware, spyware infections.
  • Removes redundant data from your Mac.


TuneupMyMac top mac optimization software you can use to clean, optimize, and organize Mac

TuneupMyMac is simple optimization software that comes with different cleaning utilities. TuneupMyMac is one of the best Mac cleaning software that you can find for that mat that is compatible with almost all versions of MacOS. This simple software is a well-designed Mac optimizer that guarantees thorough junk cleaning and unwanted data from Mac.

TuneupMyMac also contains junk cleaner for MacOS that is easy to use other that junk cleaner this program also has other features like detection of app cache, system cache, unwanted language packs, old downloads, and more. That is why TuneupMyMac is recommended for cleaning Mac and its optimization.

TuneupMyMac will scan and optimize your Mac in a single click making the task of optimization of Mac easy.


Manually deleting the cache from Mac can be a time consuming and tedious task. However, manually deleting the cache from Mac will give you knowledge about the Mac and it will also save some money that you pay to purchase Junk cleaner for your Mac. Whereas using the software will save time and clean your junk in a single click.


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