SEO was a term that a decade ago individuals outside of digital marketing would have looked dumbfounded when mentioned. The importance of SEO has been constant over the last decade. Many business owners understand a large number of sales or leads can be produced via search engines. SEO impacts your business whether you understand it or not. Building leads from organic leads on search engines can be maximized by ranking at the top of the search results for relevant keywords. The image of a brand is also impacted positively with high search engine rankings. Some consumers believe companies at the top of the search results are the best. These businesses simply having the best digital marketing strategy rather than superior products or services. The following are areas of your business that SEO can and will impact.

Traffic to the Company Website

Increased traffic to the website depending on the business model can result directly in sales. The goals of websites differ with some looking to sign up users for software while others use the website to build their brand’s image. The performance of the company website can impact SEO. Page loading speeds are a detail the untrained web designer might overlook. Google keeps user-experience in mind when ranking websites. An extremely slow loading time simply is not user-friendly on any website. Other details like the tagging of pages and content can also lead to better SEO performance.

Increased Leads/Sales

The main priority for many companies with their website is to drive sales or create quality leads that the sales team can close. For consumers that are searching for particular products or services in the market or will soon be on the market to buy, contact information needs to be as easy to find as possible. The information should specify what department they want to reach back out to them. Contact emails are preferred by other consumers as a method of contact. Make sure all emails are monitored even if a particular staff member is out sick or on vacation. Investing extra money in SEO improvement strategies can provide an immense ROI all companies can benefit from.

Being Seen as a Thought Leader on Particular Topics

A company that consistently produces quality content can be seen as a thought leader in their industry or on a specific topic. Engaging content that leads readers to discuss and debate the subject matter of the content can build a sense of community on the company’s blog. Creating low-quality content does not convert like quality content and frankly can be a waste of money for the business. Take the time to look at various content marketing tools to see what type of content created large amounts of traffic and social media shares. Data-driven content can still be interesting as a take on a topic or tips can still attract readers. Podcasting can generate backlinks to the website as well so the transcription of the podcast becomes essential. Linking back to a written source rather than sifting through a podcast saves the reader valuable time.

Helps Legitimize the Business

Searching for a business with a large number of results can help legitimize the business. Backlinks on industry websites within content can also create confidence that the company is legitimate. Newer businesses can build their brand quickly via search engine rankings. Local search engine rankings are also important if someone wants to come into a physical store. Most companies would prefer to hire a digital marketing company that they can meet with physically. Never underestimate ranking for your area even if most of your company’s clients are out of state.

SEO is going to continue to be one of the most important influences on many businesses. Ranking at the top of the search engines for a particular product can change the trajectory of an eCommerce business forever. Ranking well in various countries is going to take quite a bit of work so consider sourcing this to a professional SEO company.

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