Quran is the Holy Book of the Muslims that revealed on the last Prophet S.A.W in the month of Ramadan in 609 C.E. To read and recite the Holy Quran, you need to best platform for your kids. The Holy Quran is the most important miracle of Prophet S.A.W and proof of the Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). According to Wikipedia, the Holy Quran consist of 30 chapters, with 114 Surah’s that is revealed step by step, through angel Gabriel.

About the Holy Quran Allah said: “Verily the most superior amongst you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”

Why you need an online Academy for your kids?
Kids have a little mind, and they are very happy when they use the mobile. So, when the kids join the online Quran classes and they are much happier when they use the technology. So on one side, the online academy is proving to be effective for the proper interest of the students. And the kids enjoy it when they hear the recite of the HOLY QURAN in mobile. Online academy provides a better platform for the learning of students. It is very difficult for the parents that they daily take the kids to the mosque or other places where the Quran has been taught. Sometimes, parents are busy and do not give proper attention and did not drop them daily. So online Academy provides a better and safe plate from of learning.

People use the new technology daily for the easiness and beneficent for you but as well as harmful, they are updated with the current things. In Online Quran Academy, audio and video lectures are available. Videos play a vital role in the better memorization of the kid’s. So, it’s easy for the student to clearly understand the real meaning of the Quran. In video lecture the kids hear and watch the whole recipe of the HOLY Quran attentively, they are not get trapped on other things just like in the places where Quran have been teaching.

In online academies or the Quran teaching centers in the USA and all over the world having the Online Female Quran tutor with the best professional tricks. The female tutors know how to motivate the small kids to the Holy Quran. In online academies, Quran memorization, Quran translation, Quran reading, and reciting with Tajweed and the many more courses available. The parents easily check as a guardian online. Also, you can manage your time according to what you want, in which time you have comfortable for the class, select that time. So that you can easily focus on your Holy Quran reading and reciting.

The Quran memorization is a course in which you can memorize the Holy Quran in your heart. Mostly the small kids under 5-6 years can be best for the Quran memorization course. Because at this age, the memorization capacity is more as compared to the adults. So no need to worry if you lived in any non-Muslim country, with an internet connection & skype id, you can learn the Holy Quran.

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