carpet steam cleaning

There are different ways of carpet cleaning; we mostly give out carpets to the cleaning services without knowing the methods used by these companies for the cleaning of carpets. We are going to discuss five methods used by the carpet steam cleaning Melbourne for the cleaning of your carpets.

Dry cleaning

Dry carpet cleaningwhich is also referred to as dry power cleaning, is used by these cleaning services; it also involves the technique named as the host system. This technique would combine the cleaning products, a little amount of water, a solvent which is safe to use and a detergent. When the mixture is ready, it is sprinkled on the carpet. Clumps are created on the carpets which acts like small sponges which absorb and dissolve dirt. When the stains and dirt are completely removed, these clumps are vacuumed, and the carpet surface becomes clean. However, remember that this dry cleaning method does not deep cleanse your carpets; it removes the dirt from the carpet surface only. This technique is viable for commercial use only where the maintenance of the carpet is preferred.

Encapsulation cleaning 

In this technique, the carpet is vacuumed, and then encapsulation chemical is applied to it. Then the carpets are placed in the rotary machine, and it allows the chemical to isolate the dust and dirt from the carpet and this dirt when isolated could be vacuumed. This method is repeated for several days to ensure that the carpet is perfectly cleaned. This technique is also preferred when the carpets are used for commercial use, and it only cleans the surface. If you want to deep cleanse the carpets for home, ask the carpet cleaning surface to use other means.

Bonnet cleaning 

This method of cleaning is commonly referred to as dry cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is also similar to the encapsulation method of cleaning; however, encapsulation chemical is not used in this method, and a self-neutralizing detergent is preferred in this cleaning method. This method does not vacuum the dirt out of the carpet; it uses the pad-drying technique, which can absorb the dirt. This technique of cleaning carpets is also proffered for commercial use only.

Hot water extraction

Hot or warm water extraction is another cleansing method for the carpets. In this method, carpets are cleaned in water with temperature up to 100 degree Celsius. Some professional cleaning services also call this method of cleaning. However, the cleaning it does is inferior when compared to the steam cleaning methods.

This technique is better for a deep cleaning because the high temperature of the water can easily kill bacteria and germs from the carpets.

Steam cleaning

Professional cleaning services also cleans carpet in hot water with a temperature above 100 degree Celsius. These cleaning services are using superior machines which allow the water to reach up to 150 degree Celsius temperature, which effectively cleans the carpets from bacteria and germs. The high temperature of the water increases the cleaning power of this method.

The carpet steam cleaning methods are superior compared to all other cleaning methods; however, sometimes the cleaners claim that they are using steam cleaning methods when they are not using these steam cleaning methods. The extraction machines used for the steam cleaning are very expensive, therefore do check whether the cleaner is using the steam cleaning processes or not.

carpet steam cleaning

You should select the services which are guaranteeing the best cleaning of your carpets using the best technology and professionally trained staff. The carpets in the home should be in the best shape, read the reviews about the cleaning services online and then use their services.

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