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Though you have composed the email’s message, formatted the email design, and pressed the Send button, you cannot get the desired traffic on time. This is because you may fail to impress the recipients of your email, increase their interests to open your emails and give them curiosity to visit your business page online. It is the appropriate time to find why email marketing campaign has failed most of the time for beginners to the email marketing sector and ways to fix such problems hereafter.

Mailing from your personal account 

The first mistake behind the failure of the email marketing campaign is to end the emails from a personal account. Popular email marketing providers worldwide charge reasonable fees to send their customers’ messages. You may do not wish to spend your money on such service. If you send the emails from your personal account, then you cannot succeed in email marketing. This is because sending the promotional emails from the personal account is unprofessional behavior. You have to keep in mind that email providers know about the basics and complex aspects of email deliverability. For example, they know how to compose and send email messages from their platforms so that these messages wind up in the inboxes of the recipients instead of the spam folders.

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You did not get permission to send emails    

Almost everyone gets frustrated when they get unasked email spam as their privacy is invaded by the unknown marketer. If you send your business promotional email messages to anyone without his or her permission to send such messages, then your email marketing campaign will fail. You have to find and use the right solution to this problem without delay. You can prefer a double opt-in protocol which needs all subscribers to request access to the email list. You must confirm that your potential email subscribers confirm to accept the email messages from you. You can also encourage such people to make a request to receive the email from you. Individuals who belong to this double opted-in subscriber category open the emails more than single opt-in email recipients.

Sending emails to bad email addresses

Many beginners to the email marketing have bought a list of email addresses and send their business promotional emails to all such recipients. They do not know whether all these emails are valid. Some business people send emails to email subscribers who have closed or abandoned the promotional emails. They waste their money by buying the email addresses without any verification to such addresses. They waste their priceless time by sending emails to every email address in the inflated list. If you send emails to so many inactive email addresses, then your email account may soon blacklisted by the email providers in particular Google and Yahoo. You must validate the email list before mailing.

Oversold the message

The content of the email message must impress the recipients and encourage them to open the email and visit the business website. The subject line of the email plays a leading role behind the success rate of the email marketing. If your email’s subject line is explicitly promotional and boring, then your email recipient is not interested to open the email. You have to avoid your approach to overselling the message. You can encourage individuals to click the link in the email message and access the business. However, you have to avoid things which constantly let email recipients down when they get into the email message.

Not personalizing the message

Many people with interests to succeed in their business niche within a short period immediately use the email marketing facilities. They do not ready to personalize the email messages. They compose and send the same email messages to their email list and get dissatisfaction from the poor result at the end. It is the appropriate time to concentrate on how to personalize the email message and use the professional method to promote the business through the emails. You will get the best result from personalizing and sending the email messages to all your email recipients

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