Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution implementation can get quite frustrating, especially when you are updating an existing optional model. You are already going through the trouble of upgrading the system with potential risk on the productivity of your business, and if things don’t go right with the implementation, you’d end up wasting a lot of time and financial resources.

An ERP upgrade can give your business a huge edge over its competition, but with that, you also run the risk of wasting time and money if the implementation fails. So, you need to do everything that you can, to make the ERP solution implementation a solid success.

Below are some of the most important expertise that you need for a successful implementation and execution of an ERP upgrade for your business

1. Goal Oriented Approach

Being goal oriented is the first step towards making the ERP implementation a success. If you don’t know what your end goal is, you have very little chances of making your ERP project a success. You need clear, well-defined and realistic goals that are obtainable. You can figure out these goals by learning about the expectations of individuals for the ERP solution. Once you have a set of goals in mind, you have something that drives you towards achieving those goals.

2. Project Management Skills

Effective project management for the ERP implementation can make or break its successful implantation. You need a strong project management plan from the start to the very end of the project. There is a whole science behind effective project management, but it is essential that you learn about it and invest in it to make your ERP implementation a success.       

3. Mutual Communication is Key

Follow an open communication approach through each step of the ERP project implementation. Communication regarding the goals and expectations of the ERP will define the destination for the ERP implementation. You need to effectively communicate about the changes and improvements that the ERP would bring to the table and you need to make sure that all parties affected by the ERP are onboard with the changes.

4. Clarity of Technical Requirements

Vague technical requirements will sink the efforts of your ERP implementation team. You need to figure out the features and functionalities that you want your ERP to meet. ERP is going to be implemented organization wide, you don’t want a system that just doesn’t work the way you wanted it to. And for that, communicating your exact technical requirements is key. Clarity of technical requirements in terms of scope, activities and processes related to the ERP implementation are intrinsic for its success.

5. Employee Training for the new ERP

An ERP is meant to make things more efficient for your business. But change isn’t always welcoming. People tend to go for what they feel most comfortable with. Successful ERP implementation is not that big of an issue anymore. It is the employee training for the new ERP that you need to think and plan for. Because ultimately, your employees are going to be the ones working with system on day to day basis. You need to train them with the new work methods and processes associated with the ERP upgrade. This is what get your ERP system to be a success.

6. Change Management

You will only know about the true scope and possible enhancements for the ERP once it is implemented. So, you need a system that is flexible and can handhole change. It should be flexible enough to accommodate future technical and non-functional requirements that might come up. The bottom line is effective change management is essential if you want to make ERP implementation a success.

Final Words

ERP implementation process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Once you know the basic ins and outs for an effective ERP implementation, managing the entire project gets much less troublesome. Once you have defined your goals, considered the potential risks and applied the basic principles of effective change management, implementing ERP won’t feel like a daunting task to you. Keep the abovere-mentioned points in mind about how to choose an erp consultant for the successful ERP implementation for your business.

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