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Content marketing is an activity that has helped brands create sustainable conversations around the product and provide valuable information. It enhances the trust and loyalty for a company.

The activity mainly centres around creating, publishing and popularising content appropriately for the target audience. If correctly done, it leads to wonderful benefits for the company like increase in online sales, increase in website visits, enhanced value of products for the targeted customers and improved communication and interaction with the customers.

Earlier a simple supplementary exercise within the subset of marketing, it is largely taking centre stage now as customers demand more value, better communication and genuine information. If you are a business, your marketing strategy should have content at its core in order to do meaningful business.

Here’s a run-down of things you should take care of while creating a strategy

  1. Dynamic, personalised content

Creating personalized and shareable content won’t just attract a larger audience but also helps in generating more leads. The 2020 personalisation survey suggest that personalisation helps customers stay. 70% of customers say that personalisation lends a strong and powerful impact on customer relationships.

Consumers today want personalised marketing experience, and they almost instantly reject any general information coming their way.

Customers these days want content that can guide them through their buyer’s journey. It has to be trustworthy, informational and genuine.

  1. Video content and podcast will be a big thing!

Video remains a crucial content in the content marketing arena. Even though video might not be a source of content that people go to for buying, but it can induce purchases and even initiate a buyer’s journey. Today’s customers prefer video content over everything else, and the same goes for researching new products and buying them.

Even though podcasts aren’t too much in vogue in India, businesses are yet to realise the true potential of podcasts. No doubt, once explored, they can help engage more customers and help them complete their buyer journeys.

  1. Long-tailed keywords and voice searches on the rise

All thanks to Alexa and Google Home, businesses are now developing a voice strategy to cater to searchers. From searching for your favourite recipes, 80s songs, to switching off your bedroom light, people depend on these devices more than ever.

Tweaking your business SEO strategy to concentrate on voice searches can help you attract a newer section of customers. Content marketing tools to capture voice searches work when your website has produced authoritative, relevant, and good quality content around searches. So, for most, the work is already done. Whatever little required is to tweak the SEO strategy to respond to voice searches better.

Here, FAQ pages is an excellent strategy that can aid to capitalising on voice searches more. Creating pages that address these long-tail keywords and answer them in the most natural way possible will help you rank at the top-most spot. Answering directly and giving plenty of information might also help you appear in the new questions-section of the first google page.

Data-driven content marketing

Content should not only just be creative, but also aim at providing value and information.

How well your content is being received shows on the analytics and data metrics that are doing rounds online. Metrics such as clicks, visits, reading pattern, etc. determine how well did your customers interact with your content. You should keep a record of metrics like traffic, engagement, and conversions for reference purposes.

Because of the data-driven insights, online content tools provide, smaller initiatives at handling content and marketing are being taken up. This is also leading to better content production that is more specialised and comes from an expert view.


Visual cues are definitely more attractive than generic content being produced. Videos, high-quality images and infographics lend more value to your content.

For newer customers, too, social media has become a necessity because it caters to their need for visual engagement. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin are now almost platforms to create change, speak-up and interact better. This is happening because they have visuals at the core of their set-up.

Considering how much Youtube and Instagram has blown-up in the past few years, businesses need to take advantage of the appeal of visuals. Make sure all long-form content that is put out is supported with stunning visuals. Keep posting regularly on social media with excellent quality images and keep your customers engaged. Creating your image as a brand that offers excellent visual content will keep your customers coming back to you.There are a number of social media management tools to manage your social media and content marketing.

Bottom Line

Content Marketing is booming, and using the right strategy might play well for your business. Many businesses constantly underestimate the power of content in generating meaningful conversations around their product. However, the true power of engagement in a constantly noisy world can only be created through authentic content being pitched right.

There are plenty of content marketing services around the globe that can cater to your business and customer needs depending upon the area you are pitching to. Content marketing services in Dubai, India, USA, Canada are doing well because they know their customers and generate relatable content. So, it is advisable to choose a local agency and let them take the content marketing strategy forward.

Tracy is a passionate writer to write about SEO, Business and Technology.

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