When a two-sided t shirt print proves to be an excellent idea.

The economic custom shirts have multiple uses: from broken business to T-shirts for sports associations, from gadgets gifts for events, you really are spoiled for choice.

One of the most requested customization methods has always been the double-sided t shirt print , which proves to be really useful in many situations. Today we will tell you about the printing of double-sided T-shirts , on which occasions they turn out to be perfect and on which, instead, they should be avoided.

Corporate uniform with double-sided t shirt: a great idea!

The custom shirts for staff are among the most effective ways to do marketing, customer loyalty and at the same time raise the team spirit among employees.

How to customize these shirts in an excellent way? Here are some valuable indications about it:

  • print your company logo on the front of the customized t-shirts or polo shirts ;
  • On the back of the t shirts you can have the word “STAFF” printed, if they are shirts for the staff of an event, or the name, address and telephone number of the company.

If you need to print T-shirts for a particular event, for example a festival, a festival or a concert, we recommend that you ask a designer to create colorful and striking graphics.

You can apply it on the front by choosing the direct digital printing technique (DTG) on Burger Print , the perfect method to print elaborate designs with bright and beautiful colors to see.

Double sided t shirt, the perfect idea for a gift

If you want to surprise your friend or partner, you can create an online t shirt with a personalized phrase. One part of the thought should be on the front and the other part on the back.

Our low cost personalized t shirts are ideal in this regard, and we imagine them with a fantastic wedding proposal printed on the front and the choice of boyfriend or girlfriend to fill in on the back.

All you need are small squares on which those who receive the proposal can tick, accompanied by the list “Yes – No – Maybe” to make the occasion romantic but at the same time witty.

Unleash your imagination: on the front of the shirt you can write a phrase of your favorite song, a romantic thought or the proposal of direct marriage!

Custom t-shirts for concerts with double-sided printing

The double-sided printed t shirts are also ideal for concerts and music festivals. If you organize one, remember to order in time all the cheap personalized t-shirts you need, of different sizes in order to satisfy all the fans.

Which graphics to choose?

Of course the logo of the band or one of its records on the front and the tour dates on the back if it is a single concert.

If instead it is a festival where numerous groups perform, you can print the graphics of the event on the front (perhaps in different colors). It would instead be ideal to print the dates of the festival on the back accompanied by the names of all the bands that perform.

Do not forget to sell, together with the shirts, personalized hats , bracelets and many other gadgets that fans will surely have pleasure to buy.

Sports events with personalized double-sided shirts? Absolutely yes!

If you are organizing a sporting event, perhaps of charity in order to support an important cause, you should definitely sell a kit to the participants.

For example, you can include a personalized bag, a t-shirt with two-sided printing, a bottle with the name and date of the event and a personalized hat.

Not only will the participants buy the kit, but if you use the right colors and prints they will be happy to use the accessories even after the race, when they will do outdoor sports.

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It is therefore an excellent way both to make happy those who participate in the charity race and to advertise (at no cost) to the event, so as to gather more participants the following year.

When to avoid personalized double-sided t shirts

The T-shirts with high quality printing on both the front and the back are perfect for informal settings or where you need to specify the role of the people so that they are easily identifiable.

As for a company that works in a formal context or an authoritative event, it would be better to provide the staff with polo shirts or shirts with embroidery avoiding the t shirts and especially avoiding the two-sided printing.

Cheap custom shirts and polo shirts are perfect for formal contexts, as they are very elegant (especially if the logo is discreet and made with embroidery).

In conclusion

Now you know when to use and when not to use T shirt printing in Dubai with double-sided printing and in which contexts they apply perfectly.

Come on, order your personalized clothing and coordinated gadgets now on Burger Print and take advantage and a with discount on the first order!

For any doubt, contact us via chat: we are available to provide you with all the information you want.

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