Over the past few months, New York City has seen a record increase in gun violence and shooting incidents. As per the reports of NYPD, there were 242 shootings in August 2020 alone which have made the situation quite alarming, across the city. This number is more than twice what was recorded in August last year, which was just about 91. The graph continues to rise on these numbers which have left people understandably anxious and completely rattled.

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According to a news report, there is about a 166% increase in the shootings and other violent crimes in NYC and the situation only seems to be getting worse.

Crime Rates in New York City Review

There is also an overall 4% increase in robberies and a staggering 22% increase in burglaries. This intense increase in violent crimes has left the government and police officials scrambling to respond click here. And with all the hassle of presidential elections, there is not much attention being paid to stopping and preventing violent crimes, as per the stats we’ve seen so far.

It is on record that the city of New York City sees an increase in violent crimes in summer, but this summer since May has specifically been quite extreme. And this is on top of the world pandemic that’s been going on, which also has affected NYC to a huge extent.

Current Statistics & Reports Analysis

Ever since May, there have been 791 shooting reported and recorded which shows an overall 140% increase as compared with the same time period in 2019. There has been a total of 180 murders between May and August which is more than 50% in the same time period last year.

As for August 2020, there was a record of 242 shootings that took the casualties to count to 53. This year is now the worst year for violent shooting incidents ever since 2015. And there are still about 2 months left for 2020 as of now.

The current gun violence wave is not comparable with what happened in the 80s and 90s but still, the situation is quite alarming and requires effective strategies and diligent implementation of these crime control approaches to lower the graph.

The number of reports for rape and grand larceny has dropped a lot and now are at the lowest rates in history which have kept things a bit balanced. But that shouldn’t take the focus away from what’s been happening in other areas of crime like gun violence and theft.

The gun violence tool the heaviest toll this year aside from Covid-19 in New York City. People who were shot in August include a Mother Shot in the head near a school in the Bronx, a man struck by a stray bullet and a caretaker of a church in Brooklyn.

Police are claiming to do everything in their power to make things better for the people of NYC. Their efforts are included and not limited to the transfer officers to areas where the situation is particularly bad. NYPD is collecting intelligence and addressing criminal conditions in real-time with their investigations to fix this situation from a grassroots level.

Crime experts are trying their best to figure out an explanation for this extreme surge in violence related to guns. According to them, the situation is chaotic because of coronavirus, economic conditions, and stuff like that so it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this increase in violence. On top of that, there is the issue of police brutality which has made things a whole lot worse for the city. All these conditions are causing gun violence to get out of control.

Police data shows that the response to 911 calls has increased quite a lot over the past few months but still, there are not many arrests being made. Police are also saying that a lot of their resources are being used in response to the protests after the death of George Floyd which has affected their response time for other crime reports.

Final Words

The situation is quite chaotic with no answers for this massive increase in gun violence. It could be because of the covid-19 situation of the general social unrest because of events like police brutality. Whatever it is, cooperative police response is needed to get things back into balance.


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