Common iPhone X Issues

The iPhone X is, as usual, one of the most classic phones released by Apple. Its smoothness, functionality and appearance are remarkable. But in this imperfect world, nothing can be perfect. And so it is with this masterpiece.

There are some common issues with the iPhone X that can be easily solved. It is important to understand and correct them before confusing them with further damage.

And for this purpose, we list here some common iPhone X issues that you should not confuse with iPhone screen replacements. Not all problems require screen replacement. Let’s take a look:

Non-reactive temperature problem:
Some users faced the problem that the phone would stop responding when there was a sudden drop in temperature. In extreme cold weather conditions or sudden temperature changes, the iPhone X often stops responding properly.

This problem can be easily solved with a software update. Apple corrected this bug in an update that made the phone even more responsive under such conditions. So if your iPhone X shows some sort of issue, there is absolutely no need to replace the iPhone 10 LCD, just a software update.

Face lock error:
Another common problem is face unlocking, which is often confused with an error due to some kind of screen damage. Well, the reality is that this may be due to dirt accumulating in the notch that does not allow the camera to detect your face ID correctly.

So there is no need to replace the iPhone X screen, just a little cleaning and your face ID starts working as before. This has been observed quite commonly with iPhone X users.

Problem with magnetic hair:
A strange problem has been observed on the iPhone X, which is the screen that attracts hair. Well, if your phone is still under warranty, you better try this issue as Apple Care replaces iPhone 10 LCD at no cost.

But if you are out of warranty period, consider the option of suppliers like Maya Cellular Parts International Electronics where you can get a classic iPhone X screen replacement at affordable prices.

Problem with multiple screenshots:
The absence of the home button has made it easier to take screenshots on the iPhone with the side button and turn up the volume, but it has become so easy that it can happen even when the iPhone is in your pocket.

This problem again requires no iPhone screen replacements, just a small case that prevents multiple side button presses.

These are common problems that are quite small and easy to remove. So check if you are facing these issues with your phone. You have one of the most amazing smartphones of the decade, so use it in the smartest way. For more such tips, you are always welcome to contact us!

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