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It happens to all of us that the time comes to have to change the iPhone screen, either because it has fallen to the ground by accident or due to any unfortunate event.

In fact, that makes me think of a case that has happened to me personally.

My latest story on changing the iPhone screen
At the end of last year, I was preparing for a trip to spend the holidays in Madrid and it was one of those days when clumsiness had awakened with me.

I was packing my suitcase, I had a lot of papers everywhere, everything was a mess in my room.

In the distance I heard my iPhone ringing, I greeted my friend who was calling me and when I finished the call, I wanted to put my mobile on the table and instead it fell directly to the ground.

The blow has been on the edge of one of the corners of the mobile and although it was protected by a tempered glass, the screen has been broken into many pieces.

When I saw the screen as it had been, I was very angry, especially because I knew that I had to wait to reach my travel destination to be able to take care of the issue.

As soon as I arrived in Madrid I went directly to an authorized technical service to find out what I had to do to change the iPhone screen and I got the parts from Cellular Screens.

Once in the authorized technical service, they told me that I had 2 options:

My first option was to go through Apple’s appointment process, but this alternative could take a lot of time while I waited for the appointment, it was repaired, and it was delivered to me.
The time was 3 weeks of waiting and by that time I was not going to be in Madrid anymore, not to mention that I do not know who in the world can be 3 weeks without their mobile.

The other option was to have my iPhone screen repaired at the authorized technical service, but they delivered it to me in 2 weeks and it cost a lot.
So I have asked a close friend directly and he has told me to leave my iPhone with Apple Service.

The truth is that I have been delighted, not only have they left my mobile as new, but they have taken care of everything because their service is at home.

Then I found out that they provide their service throughout Spain, so when it comes to changing the iPhone screen or doing any repair on these devices, I will certainly contact them again.

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