The growth of Instagram users continues to skyrocket from year to year. As of June 2018, monthly active users of Instagram have exceeded 1 billion. Because of that Instagram became the right tool for promotion. Not enough to have an Instagram account and share posts, you certainly need to increase the number of followers of your Instagram account. So, how do you add Instagram followers?

Adding followers or followers on Instagram is not an easy matter unless you are very popular like Selena Gomez who has the most followers at this time. The challenge is even greater if you want to get active followers and by the character of your business customers. Thousands of active followers will certainly boost your income.

To increase followers actually, many ways can be taken. For example, by using paid applications, paid bots, or using services to add followers. But if you don’t want to pay just to add followers, you can also try 8 ways to add quick Buy Instagram followers UK without the following apps or bots.

1. Discipline Posting Content

Photos and videos are the main attraction on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a social media that provides special features so users can shoot photos or make videos, upload photos or videos, edit photos, or videos. Later these contents will be seen in other Instagram users’ feeds that have become your followers.

Therefore, you should be diligent in uploading interesting content in the form of photos or videos. To capture many followers, upload more than 2 or 3 content a day, and do this activity continuously. If you are having trouble digging for fresh ideas for Instagram content, take advantage of social media marketing services to optimize the contents of a business account on Instagram.

Remember, the content that you upload must be new content and not looping. It doesn’t have to be a product photo; you can also upload content in the form of wise quotes or photos that are completely unrelated to the product but inspire. Complete the photos with a character or theme. That theme will become a strong brand identity.

By getting Instagram followers, your startup’s Instagram account will look alive and growing. It takes hard work to prepare the content and upload it with discipline. But don’t worry, you can immediately feel the positive effects.


2. How to Increase Instagram Followers Rely on Quality Photos and Filters

As a social network that emphasizes the visual aspect, then you must post a quality photo to attract the attention of Instagram users. This is indeed not easy to do. You can start by finding a good angle for an object. Just one object, like shoes, has dozens of angles that you can try to get.

If you’ve got a photo with an interesting angle, then choose the right filter to touch the photo.

  1. Don’t Be Lazy to Learn and Use Hashtags

The hashtag is very important if you want to seriously develop business on Instagram. Hashtags are an easy way for Instagram users to find photos they like or find the product they want. Therefore, don’t forget to always add a hashtag to every photo you upload. Learn what hashtags are related to your account or business.

Not enough just one or two hashtags, photos with 11 hashtags are more successful in provoking Instagram user interaction. In a photo, you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags. Then observe and note it carefully …

4. Importance of Caption

Like hashtags, captions or captions are also very important to add.

The initial part of the caption is as much as possible intriguing and add points and then give a distance so that visitors are provoked to click “see more” to see the rest of the caption.

To invite visitor interaction, add questions at the end of the caption. For example, “Prefer red or white? It is important to remember, in writing this caption avoids typos or mistypes. Double-check you’re spelling and writing so there are no mistakes.


5. How to Add Instagram Followers through a Contest

Contests can be in the form of giving prizes or giveaways, vouchers, special price discounts, and so on to one or several people with certain conditions. The intended conditions, for example, are required to like the content, follow your Instagram account, and tag two or three friends.

For example, contests conducted by the Instagram account. This account offers a giveaway in the form of their latest product for lucky followers with the condition of giving a LIKE to a post, following their account and tagging two friends.

How to other Get Instagram followers UK, create a contest that involves the active participation of Instagram users. For example, like the Red Cup contest conducted by Starbucks. In this contest, Starbucks encourages consumers to upload their photos with Red Cup, follow and mention the Starbucks account and add the hashtag #redcupcontest.

Of course, the way to add Instagram followers through the Red Cup contest is that many people come to Starbucks outlets to buy a special edition of the red cup holiday. Some of them bought because they were interested in entering the contest. But many did not enter the contest and only kept the red cup as a collection. In essence, the sale of the Starbucks Red Cup special edition was a success, both in the form of additional followers and sales.


6. Follow and Like Similar Accounts

Did you find Instagram accounts that are similar to your account? No need to avoid it, instead you must be their followers. For example, if you are involved in the interior design business, look for accounts that have the same passion. You can see from the content they post. Meanwhile, if you don’t find a similar or similar account, try to use the Search facility to find the account.

After following a similar account, interact by giving a LIKE to the three most recent photos they post. This interaction shows interest. Do this activity repeatedly, as much as possible and you have the opportunity to get at least one follower for four similar accounts that you follow.

7. Maximize Content with Video Format

In 2020, it is predicted that online video will be watched more through mobile devices. This development is an opportunity and challenge for those of you who are pioneering Instagram accounts for businesses and want to add as many followers as possible. You are required to be more creative when making videos so that it attracts the wider attention of Instagram users.

Currently, Instagram users can only upload videos with a duration of 1-minute and videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds for Stories. That is, in this short video you must be able to attract the attention of visitors. The good news, Instagram is considering extending the video’s duration to 1 hour. If this policy is launched later, then you can be more flexible and the opportunity to produce creative videos will increase.


8. Evaluate, Observe, Evaluate

Don’t be lazy to evaluate various ways to add Instagram followers that you have done. Evaluation can be done by utilizing the Insights feature. Insights feature is a feature provided by Instagram specifically for Instagram Business Profile accounts. To take advantage of these Insights feature, make sure your Instagram account has become an Instagram Business Profile account. To change your Instagram account to the Instagram Business Profile version, just connect it to your Facebook account to create a business page. Then the Facebook and Instagram accounts will be connected and you can immediately use the Instagram Business Profile version with the Insights and Promote features at the bottom of the content.

Also, try to observe business Instagram accounts, and many Instagram followers account that is managed professionally and learn from them. Look at the content they post, pay attention to how they interact, and observe how they insert promos. In this way, your insights related to managing Instagram accounts and how to increase Instagram followers will increase.

Well, that’s 8 ways to add the safest Instagram followers, without applications, fast and quick. If you run these methods routinely, diligently, and indiscipline, then the number of followers will slowly but surely increase.



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