Did you know that 80 percent of Americans say they’d look for a sale even if money were no object? Or, that 47 percent of us share news of a good deal with friends and family? It’s clear we love a good bargain, and why not?

After all, every penny pinched is another one back in our wallet. That said, there are times when bargain hunting and economizing can actually cost us more money in the long run. For example, many people assume driving a car from one location to another beats the final price you’ll pay for a car shipping service.

They assume they’ll save lots of money, offsetting the annoyance of a compulsory road trip. But this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Keep reading to find out what’s involved in transporting cars across country and why you should go with the professionals.

1. Money Earned and Time Saved

Let’s say you’ve decided to drive your car cross-country to the destination where you’re relocating. While you might pat yourself on the back for money saved, hold the congratulations for a moment.

Have you considered how much time you’ll lose on this venture? After all, time is money, and yours is a valuable commodity. If you have to take time off from work, factor in how many hours of work you’ll miss and the loss of pay.

Then, quantify in a monetary sum what the vacation days you’ll end up sacrificing meant to you. As you look at these figures, you’ll quickly realize that the savings you think you’re pursuing aren’t there.

2. Reduce Risks of Damage

Every action has a consequence. This proves no less true when it comes to car transport. Choosing to drive your car state-to-state or coast-to-coast could come with many consequences for your vehicle, from wear and tear to the increased potential of an accident.

In 2018, there were 33,654 fatal motor crashes in the US. These accidents resulted in 36,560 deaths. There are many ways to reduce your risk of being involved in such an accident. For starters, you can take a defensive driving course.

Better yet, you can avoid unnecessary time on the road. When you hire professional car movers, they will ensure your vehicle gets transported safely. That way, your car will avoid the wear and tear and extra mileage associated with a road trip.

And you’ll avoid the risks associated with accidents on America’s roadways.

3. Decrease Stress

Whether you’re relocating state-to-state or cross-country, moving is stressful. In fact, people rank it as more stressful than getting a divorce!

Experts agree that one of the best strategies for reducing stress during this hectic time remains asking for help. After all, you can’t conduct a move all alone, and you shouldn’t try. When you hire a professional car transporter, you know your ride is safe.

This will provide you with the peace of mind to complete your move efficiently and rapidly. Find out more about car shipping rates and services.

4. Nix Unforeseen Expenses

Many people assume driving their car will cost less than using the services of an auto transporter. But they fail to account for the unforeseen expenses that often arise along the way.

For example, they underestimate how much gas will cost for a major road trip. They fail to factor in car-related maintenance costs, and they certainly don’t calculate the depreciation their car will see by racking up unnecessary mileage.

Add to this lodging and food expenses, and your attempt to save money could turn into a spending free-for-all.

5. Benefit from Coverage

Did you know that most insurance companies offer coverage when your car gets transported by professional movers? Or that car transporters also provide coverage?

What’s more, when your driver shows up, you’ll go through a thorough inspection of your vehicle before it gets loaded. This inspection will permit you and the driver to document the current state of your car.

That way, you’ve got peace of mind about the condition of your car at delivery. Coupled with the knowledge that comes with insurance coverage, there’s no safer way to move automobiles.

6. Avoid Road Trip-Related Injuries

When we talk about road trip-related injuries, most people immediately think of a car accident. But there are many other ways that a road trip could impact your health.

For starters, spending an extended amount of time in your vehicle could lead to back injuries. It could also exacerbate other conditions such as knee pain, neck pain, etc. While good lumbar support and proper alignment can help, the best remedy is car transport.

7. Focus on What Matters

When you decide to book a car carrier service, it frees you up to focus on other tasks. If you’re in the midst of an interstate or transnational move, you have many pressing issues on your mind.

The last thing you need to do is add a road trip to the mix. Fortunately, today’s car shipping options mean one less thing on your plate on moving day.

Finding the Right Car Shipping Service

Where should you start when it comes to finding the right car shipping service for your upcoming relocation? Don’t settle for anything less than a company with a proven reputation and years of experience.

At Patriot Shipping Experts, we provide affordable and expedited car transportation, no matter where your upcoming move takes you. Contact us now to find out more about our car shipping service and how we can help you.

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