None the less, if you are successful, that would be incredible for your business.

Once you set up a business online, your next step is to build a solid reputation in the digital world. Your product or services may be top-notch, but if your online presence tells a different story, no one will believe in your brand.

Online reputation management is all about observing, analyzing, and replying to the feedback that a brand receives online. You can receive such feedbacks on your social media profiles, in the blog section, on your website, or even on other web applications. As nowadays a brand is not solely defined by its advertising and marketing tactics, you must take reviews and feedback from consumers seriously.

If your brand gets more negative reviews than positive ones, it can affect your online reputation. And that is the reason you should take the help of ORM to push down or remove negative links from google search.

5 Tips to Follow While Handling Negative Reviews

Dealing with negative links can be frustrating. But it isn’t all bad. With a few easy steps, you can handle negative news or remove negative links from google search easily. Here are a few things you can do –

  1. Research on The Problem

You must have heard about the phrase “the customer is always right”. And when it comes to sales and marketing, it is a philosophy that everyone follows blindly.

Even though the “customer is right philosophy” is a good one, it may not be always the right one. Before you jump into any conclusions, try to go deep into the issue. Find out what’s wrong, or where you lagged. Find out whether or not the negative review article about your brand is justified.

  1. Respond to Your Reviewer Quickly and Publicly

Once you find out where the problem is, you need to reply as quickly as possible. Your reply should address the issue, solution if there is any and a customer care contact through which your customer can reach you out. But, always be cautious of how you respond. No matter what, do not lose your cool.

  1. Be Polite, Creative and Considerate

When replying to negative feedback, do not lose your cool. Stay calm, understand what the reviewer is trying to say, and identify the problem. If the reviewer has described a genuine issue and you are at fault, apologize to them and offer a solution.

If there is a misunderstanding, clear it out with your reply. We understand negative or wrong reviews can stimulate emotion and you may get a little tensed and work up. But you need to be patient while reverting them with comments.

  1. Encourage Positive Reviews

One of the best ways to balance or to completely remove negative links from Google search is by asking satisfied customers to write a review under your brand name. This, however, will need some of your time and effort. You must maintain a good relationship with the customer and ask them politely to put on a good review under your services. None the less, if you are successful, that would be incredible for your business.

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