Do you want to make money with music? Here’s how: To make money from music these days, you have to be flexible and resourceful. It has become difficult, but not impossible. We are now sharing with you 20 tips that should inspire you to earn a monthly budget with music and build and expand a regular income in this coronavirus outbreak. However, it doesn’t require you to focus on paid digital marketing for your stuff.

Tip 01: Try out different ideas and continue your education.

You can subscribe to free music marketing email guide in various platforms online and also follow such platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this way you will receive regular news and tips to advance your music and your career. And of course also to earn money with music.

Tip 02: Compose and produce music for other artists.

A lot of producers and musicians can make good money from music by writing songs for other artists. Through this type of cooperation, as a composer you get your GEMA shares and royalties when selling the product.

Tip 03: If your music is on the radio, played on stages or sold as a sound carrier/download, register with GEMA.

This tip is aimed at everyone who makes a living from music. GEMA is a must for professional composers and lyricists, because with the help of this society, a lot of money is thrown into the till every year. Especially if you play on the radio, do many concerts a year and also sell recordings, you will get shining eyes on the payout day of GEMA.

Tip 04: Earn money with the GVL

Are you a musician who is booked for concerts/tours or do you record things for other productions in studios? Then you should be a member of the GVL (society for the exploitation of ancillary copyrights). In contrast to GEMA, membership is free and you get shares for productions or gigs in which you have worked as a musician. Simply report his participation and GVL will settle everything and pay the share to you.

Tip 05: Earn money with music in online music portals through digital distributors.

You have produced an album and don’t want to withhold your masterpiece from the world? Then look for a digital distributor and make it available in a few clicks in the digital stores worldwide!!! If you then found out more about music marketing on our website, marketing is almost a matter of course and the money comes regularly to your account. (No! It’s not that easy, but digital distribution is important so that your music can be found online. With a growing fan base you will of course also make enough money with the music. So stay tuned).

Tip 06: Earn money with merchandise items.

This is so often underestimated, especially by small artists, but people buy the merchandise rather than a record. Therefore, you should come up with good motifs and ideas and print them on T-shirts, mugs, etc. At the beginning you don’t even have to invest money to have these things made, because there are some pages that do the whole thing for you. You will then become a percentage when someone orders and buys something from you via this page. This works great on the artist homepage or on social media platforms. But if you want to sell merchandise at concerts, you have to go in advance. Many bands live from merchandise rather than earning money with music in the form of singles or albums.

Tip 07: If you have contacts to radio stations, produce radio jingles and recorders.

The market has shrunk rather than grown in recent years, but something is still there. The catch is that you need a contact with a radio station in order to get jingle or one-player production orders. But if you can do it, you can earn good money with a few seconds of music or voice recordings. You can find out how to establish contacts to radio stations in the article Radio Promotion & Radio Airplay: make contacts to radio stations – how it works!

Tip 08: Music management for bands or artists.

In any case, managing music is not too hard as training plan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, if not you as an artist, knows about stress when performing?!? Everyone wants something, this and that doesn’t work. When booking, there are sometimes so many problems at once and then you have to still accomplish a cool appearance that provides all visitors satisfied. Now you come into play. Accompany bands or artists on tour and relieve you of all this stress by >> DU << taking care of everything, that everything goes smoothly and the band can play their gig in peace. For this work, a tour manager receives a fixed fee or shares in the income, the amount of which is regulated in advance by contract.

Tip 09: Sold on the band homepage, tickets for the upcoming gigs

Earn money with music products on the homepage? The trend is spreading. More and more artists/bands offer tickets for their concerts on their own homepage and earn money from the sale. In order to implement this project, there are some ticket systems that can be integrated into your homepage as a plug-in.

Tip 10: Offer music on streaming platforms and earn through the plays and GEMA

Anyone who has read the article “Your music on Spotify” will surely already know what is meant by this tip. With the help of digital distribution, it is possible to offer his music not only in online shops, but also on streaming platforms. You don’t really get much money, but the more popular you become, the more people listen to your music on streaming platforms and the “turnover” increases.

Tip 11: Sales Royalty free music for commercials and indie games

Another way is of course to offer his music for advertising or games. So that buyers can use the music without major license problems, they are sold royalty-free. Some musicians earn their daily bread from such offers.

Tip 12: Earn money with music tutorials and workshops

Are you extremely familiar with sequencers or other fields? Then grab a camera and start capturing all your knowledge on film. You have the finished recordings professionally cut and then put all the parts together in chapters. You can now sell this video workshop as a download or DVD. But there are also special tutorial platforms that offer you the opportunity to sell your workshops or tutorials there.

Tip 13: Write lyrics for other artists/bands

You like to write texts, but have there been so many that they are already piling up everywhere? Then why don’t you make cash from these works that you don’t use? Offers these texts to other artists/bands and should you use and publish these texts, you get your money and GEMA as a copywriter.

Tip 14: Earn money with music via crowdfunding services.

You have an idea for an album or stage show, but you don’t have the money for the studio or stage set-up. Fortunately, there are World Wide Web and Crowdfunding platforms, where you can find people who would like to support projects like this with the help of donations. In this way, not only brilliant video games have been financed for several years, but also album productions and much more.

Tip 15: Produces remixes and earns a fixed fee per remix.

A form of creativity that every musician has surely been able to experience are remixes of foreign songs. You will receive the basic material and possibly a specification of how the client imagines the remix. But often you have a free hand and you can let your creativity run free. Remix work is no longer paid as well as it was a few years ago, but some money usually comes in at the end of the job.

Tip 16: Record performances and sell them as a special CD/DVD at concerts.

This type of merchandise is very popular with fans, because the CD/DVD enables fans to see or hear the evening with the band/artist again. If the recordings are professionally produced, people will even relive the feeling you had at the concert. And again and again and again as often as you want.

Tip 17: Offer a VIP subscription area on the homepage

This is one way to generate a fixed monthly income. It is important that you always offer the subscribers or fans something interesting or special so that you want to keep the subscription. With this way of making money every month, it is important to maintain the offer and to constantly expand and improve it. If you neglect this, you will quickly lose your subscribers and the monthly income will be lost.

Tip 18: Earn money by mixing works for other artists

Since equipment has become affordable for everyone, offers of this type have been increasing on the Internet. If you are familiar with the mixing of songs and have experience in this area, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to make some extra money with it. It would be helpful to reach new customers, set up an online shop where you can easily book this service or offer it by auction on Ebay and Amazon.

Tip 19: Upload videos to YouTube and earn through advertising revenue.

It has now become difficult to earn real money with advertising revenue from YouTube. Except that the click count is over 100,000 per video and everyone who watched the video has not used an ad blocker. But this is hardly possible these days, so you can earn a few dollars with your videos.

Tip 20: Rent your studio or instruments.

So you can use your expensive equipment to help others who don’t have musical instruments or studio. For this you get a flat or daily amount of money from the customer as a rent. You can order Litman Construction Company in Minnesota for commercial renovation of studio or any commercial premises.

We wish you much success in earning money with music!


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